One Word for 2015: REFLECTION

Since 1995, i have been working for 20 years in one company which is located in Central Kalimantan. It takes 9 hours from Pontianak by bus and continued 2 hours by car or mini bus. Although located in Central Kalimantan but it’s easier to go to the location from West Kalimantan.  If i start from Palangkaraya, it takes 15 hours to reach my base camp at km 35.

We usually mark every camp with kilometers (km) name, like km 35, km 54, km 72 and km 93. These kilometers are started from km 0 at Logpond. Do you know Logpond?  A place near the river that some logs from the forest  collected and will be transported by pontoon or raft to the factory.

Logs transportation depends on the river. When dry season, it’s difficult to send the logs to the factory because river water level decrease. For pontoon to load and bring sinker logs, water level needed is 3-3,5 meter. Floater logs can be rafted in 2 meter water level.

So, there is a joke in our occupation. Some employees in Logpond will pray, “God, please give us the rain, so we can continue working”. Also with my friends who work in nursery and plantation, rainy day is also needed to grow the seedlings.

Meanwhile, my friends who work as chainsaws or tractor operators hope it’s not rainy day. Because if it is rain, they can fell and skid the trees.

This story giving a reflection to me that i have to accept two conditions: wet and dry seasons. No matter with the seasons.

The most important thing is what should i do in each season? Just waiting the season that i want or do something in the season that i won’t….

11 pemikiran pada “One Word for 2015: REFLECTION

    1. Really… maybe you should stay for months or a year to remember it :-)….In the field i think the KM stick is the easiest way to remember and find certain location

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  2. First time post in english one. Very good.
    Honestly, i am stille confuse what company you are working for. I thought so for you work at Bumn(?)

    *keknya komen oot yah mas

    1. Yes, this is the task of the BEC group and thanks for your appreciation, mbak Ina…. Actually, i don’t work in the company of government, but in private company….

  3. Nice post, boss.
    Awet ya kerja disatu perusahaan. Saya dalam masa yang sama sudah berlenggang di 10 perusahaan. Pengennya saya punya usaha sendiri, aamin.

      1. Warung makan. Secara alami laki-laki Minang kampung kayak saya diberi kelebihan bisa masak. Tukang masak rumah makan Padang itu laki-laki loh, hehe…

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