EF3 # When I have to keep my gadgets

What would you do if you were waiting and an older person next to you greeting?
Will you still busy with the gadget in hand? Chat, read news online, reply to emails or play games?
Or you reply to the greeting people and respond to the chat?

The above questions arise when I’m trying to write the third challenge English Friday “How Gadget Afect My Life”
I just share the experience when meeting with a grandmother in the harbor office.

A 72 year old grandmother who came with his daughter who also had the same goal with me. Get meningitis vaccine. That’s when I had to put the previous gadget I use for the phone, send a text and read online news.

After submitting the file to the clerk at the check out and pay for the cost of vaccination, I was sitting in the front row seat waiting room. To the left of me sat an old woman and her daughter. While waiting for the officer called for blood pressure checks and injectable vaccine, the grandmother told me.

Starting from her husband who passed away after returning from Saudi Arabia, her children, three hours journey to reach the port health offices, till her fear was injected. I was trying to respond to conversation and occasionally asked her other news until told not to worry about when injected because it feels like an ant bite. 🙂

It does not have the heart to anyone who invites me to talk but I give more attention to the gadget in hand. I just think, if I were in the position as the grandmother, I would have felt disappointed or upset. Talking to a younger person, then he is busy with the gadget. Without at least want to look and reply to her greeting.

There are times when the gadget is in the hands should I put it. Take a break and take the time to pay attention to the surrounding environment. Provide an opportunity to hear other people say hello and want to talk with me. Especially if the person is older. And when I do things like that, it turns out there is an interesting story obtained.

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