[EF#4 Challenge] Faster Growing Better

English Friday that fourth challenge is indeed not easy. Especially for the not unusual fancies. But that is like imagining I think not difficult case. Who knows later the story can be like Harry Potter, continued until a few episodes.

I’ve fantasized have a tool that can accelerate the growth of the tree until doubled. Ever see the big tree trunk, probably nearly one meter in diameter. You know how long diameter should be as big as that? It could be that it takes tens or even hundreds of years.

If one year plus 1 cm in diameter, meaning it took fifty years so that the tree reaches a diameter of 50 cm, can be cut down and the timber is used. Well, if we plant a tree at the age of 20 years, mean age of 70 years on we are only able to enjoy the results. The long time waiting.

If only I had a way that can make plus 2 cm in diameter in a year. The length of time it can be cut in half. Originally 50 years, 25 years enough. And that’s still a long wait for him. But rather had cut half rotation. Might be by injection with growth substances or hormones in the plant stem. Or by flushing on the ground close to the roots.

If a way to accelerate the growth of a plant or tree that can be doubled or more, certainly a lot of people who would like to plant a tree. Especially for those who have a vast land. Of course the results are very favorable.

Now the only people who need the wood raw material increase. But the lack of raw material supply. Finally, the price of wood increasingly expensive. No wonder that house prices rising every year too crazy. In addition because of soaring land prices, also of wood raw material that is increasingly hard to come by.

If a way to accelerate the growth of the tree can be accelerated, at least not while we still can hope to plant later can also see the tree when harvested.

11 pemikiran pada “[EF#4 Challenge] Faster Growing Better

  1. I feel you Pak. Since I am working at plantation currently. 3 years to producing. Way too long. Hahaha.
    But… If we do some instant process like this, I’m afraid of the effect. Like the story of a butterfly Pak. What do you think?

    1. I think 3 years isn’t a long time to produce a plantation. Compare to 20 or 25 years plantation …..hahahaha,,

      But, you’re right. Every a new technology utilization have two sides, including in plantation.

      Although the growth of the tree plantation will increase rapidly, but the quality of the wood may be isn’t as hard as the natural tree.

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