EF#5 Learn from Young People

One of my pupose to join with BEC is most of the members are young people 🙂 . I mean, most of them are younger than me. Not only the admins, but also the mentors.

Young people usually have more anthusiasm and spirit to do something new. President Soekarno ever said,”Give me ten young people and I would change the world”. In this club, might be the quote is “Give me four young people and mentors and I would change how to learn English.

So, my desirability to learn English arise when I join in this group. Although I try to fulfill English Friday challenge regularly, but I can’t keep in touch with English learning program in Wednesday. I can’t bring the handphone or another gadget in the office during working hours.

Before joining BEC, I have no plan to write in English in my blog. But, now I have to allocate my time to fulfill the challenge. I have a self-confidence to post in English. I have to find an idea to write, open the dictionary to translate and to post it.

I look like a student who accept an assignment from the teacher. But the difference is there is no punishment in BEC when I don’t do the challenge


    Although there is no punishment, but I have a guilty feeling if I can’t finish my assignment.
    Is this the power of BEC?

6 pemikiran pada “EF#5 Learn from Young People

  1. Pak Yudhi, we are so glad to have you in our group and community. You show us how the learning spirit should be. May we can cotinue until far in the future. You can also learn from our blog and read our twitter account later on after you manage to reach your cellphone Pak Yudhi… 😀

  2. No punishment at all mas Yudhi from us. But I think, you are already determined yourself to do post in English, that’s why you feel like being punished by not writing one.

    Reading your post, I can feel your spirit for learning Mas. Love it. They say, love is the fuel of anything in this world, now your (members’) love has been my fuel to keep this club alive, at least that what I feel.

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