EF#7 : Live and Work in the Heart of Borneo


The 7th topic of BEC’s challenge is very interesting. Take a picture and tell about the picture is. Look the picture above! Do you see a building in the left side? Yes, there is the office which I work. We usually call the area “base camp km 35”. Some buildings like dormitory, logistics, workshop, school, mosque, church and sport facilities are provided by the company. The office located in Melawi Distric, West Kalimantan province and near Bukit Baka – Bukit Raya National Park. There is a river, Ella Hulu, between base camp and national park. What is your impression?

During school vacation in December, my wife and children spent their time to enjoy beautiful scenes in the forest. I have taken the picture in the last year when I walked around in the base camp with my family. I took the picture with my handphone which has 5 MP camera’s resolution.

In January, I attended a monthly meeting in branch office in Pontianak with my boss. Every meeting I have to prepare a presentation to inform the progress of our activity and also what the problems are. In Januari’s meeting, I inserted the picture above the tittle of the first slide.

Before starting a presentation, I usually try the power point slides to the projector. At that time my boss watched and I thought he was interested in the slide. After that, he came closer and said,”Please copied that picture to my whatsapp”.

17 pemikiran pada “EF#7 : Live and Work in the Heart of Borneo

    1. Iya, kalau di kota mungkin bentuk kantor yg mirip rumah spt itu sudah jarang ya… Kalau di kota2 besar kantornya biasanya bertempat di gedung A lantai kesekian dan harus naik turun lift 🙂

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