EF#8 : Guilty Feeling After Listening “Surga Hati” Ungu

To my younger self,
I often feel guilty after listening Surga Hati song by Ungu. This song likes a warning for me to fulfill God’s calling. And when I watched this song in You Tube, I can’t help my tears falling.

Time goes by so fast. Ten years ago, 2005, I should start to plan pilgrimage to Mecca. Planned to save part of my salary in a bank every month, started to ask and discuss with others who has carried out pilgrimage and also prepared everything before going to Mecca.

My younger self,
But, I just started to think and prepare it two years ago. And perhaps you know that if I have paid the cost completely and fulfill all requirements in this year, I could depart for Mecca 10-14 years next. Still waiting any longer.

My younger self,
Know I understand, God reminds us to do right things in several ways. By family advice, friend experience and other events. What we need is to sharpen the sensitivity and follow our conscience.

4 pemikiran pada “EF#8 : Guilty Feeling After Listening “Surga Hati” Ungu

  1. Ah, Pak Yudhi, you remind me to prepare for the hajj pilgrimage sooner. Thank you, Pak. May everything will be eased for your plan and thank you for joining the challenge.

    1. Ya, jgn sampai terlambat persiapannya spt saya. Because for the hajj pilgrimage sooner is better. Makasih jg udah ngasih tantangan yg mungkin ini salah satu cara Tuhan mengingatkan saya.

  2. Never heard the song Mas. Maybe after this I need to listen to it.

    May you have your wish come true mas.

    Btw, one of today’s volunteer can’t finish her challenge. I put your name as the last one mas.

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