EF#9 Dreaming of Meet Up Accidentally

One of the blogging goals is to meet up with another blogger. But after 3 years blogging, I haven’t met up with others. I have only known another blogger by his/her posts and profil picture.

But, I have a dream. Someday, I want to meet up with another blogger not in a planned schedule or gathering program. But meet up accidentally. Is it possible?

I dream that someday I will meet mas Dani when I’m walking around in Bung Karno Sport Hall. Or maybe I will have meet Nita when I’m reading in one of book stores in Jakarta. Or perhaps when I’m waiting for the plane in the airport and then listen to someone talking about BEC with his/her friend.

I think it’s a big surprise and unforgettable moment if my dream comes true.

6 pemikiran pada “EF#9 Dreaming of Meet Up Accidentally

  1. yes, I have the same dream that coincidentally I will meet someone on the bus, yang lagi asyik buka blog aku dari gadgetnya he..he..

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