EF #11 Simple Uniform for Indoor and Outdoor


“Your uniform looks good. Where did you buy it?”asked my friend. He interested in my uniform when we met in the branch office two months ago. Usually, while waiting for the monthly meeting started, I came to his room and we were discussing about anything.

“I bought it from my friend in the camp. He designed this uniform by photoshop, ordered to the tailor in Java and asked for his friend to sell them in the office”I explained. I think it’s a good collaboration and a creative example to increase their income :-). He didn’t do it by himself but offered his friend to join that side job.

To provide employees’ uniform, he also determine what the material, the colour and the pattern of the clothes. Not many employees have special skills like him. Not only master in designing uniform, but also banners and posters.

As you look at the picture, I wear it while accompany the guests from Jakarta. This uniform not only suitable for indoor activity like attending the meeting but for outdoor activity, too. So, if the guests want to go to the field, I needn’t to change my clothes. What a simple uniform.

6 pemikiran pada “EF #11 Simple Uniform for Indoor and Outdoor

  1. Ak Pak Yudhi, I can’t focus on your uniform. My mind is wandering thinking about the surroundings. You lucky to have a close to nature working environment.

  2. Lingkungan kerja ya Mr? Enak kali suasanya. I like that design of your uniform. That is becoming trend now. Simple, but they put black part on the right place. Good.

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