EF#15 Weekly Challenge : More Outdoor Activities When I was a Child

There were no online games, play station or handphone when I was a child. At that time, I used to play some outdoor games with my friends, like playing gobak sodor, playing marbles, playing kites and playing firecrackers and fireworks when fasting month.

I think some outdoor games have more benefits for us because they combine physical activities and some interpersonal skill. For example when I played gobak sodor, I had to have a good cooperation with my friends to restrict our opponent break through our team. Playing marbles required our foot to move and our hand to take aim the marbles that I wanted to. Besides that requirements, playing marbles also need our accuracy and precision skill to gain more marbles. Are the children still playing marbles now? I rarely see.

What about playing kites? What do you like most in this game? There were two stages I like most from this game. First, when my kites flew in the air and met another one. I couldn’t avoid it and had to fight. I had to decide at the right time whether I had to pull out the thread or extend it to win the game. I think it was the real game of playing kites. This game also gives us a philosophy value, decision making. Whatever our role, as an employee, an entrepreneur, a father, a mother, a manager or a blogger we are all the decision maker.

Second,  I was so impressed in this game when I had to compete with another boys to gain kite broke. At the first step, we looked at the kites that loss and tried to follow wherever it flew. We usually also carried pole to help get the kite. Our sight often to the sky and didn’t give enough attention in the road. So, sometimes we almost hit by passing vehicles on the road. Then driver angry and cursing us  🙂 .

I think this game, playing kite, now still played by the children. Especially when they live in rural, sub urban area or near the beach. It is difficult to find this game in the big city because there are no enough open area.

8 pemikiran pada “EF#15 Weekly Challenge : More Outdoor Activities When I was a Child

    1. Today I think most of the kids playing indoor activities. Why? Because they were born when digital technology is developing.

      So, they are familiar with several games in personal computer, smartphone and play station. We can see them playing the games at home, in the mall.

      I see some kids also playing sport indoor like futsal. I think it’s better for them to do this activity because sport can prevent obesity. Sport games also develop their interpersonal skill, especially how to cooperate with another person.

      1. I think we can start from our family. On Sunday morning, we can walk around together with the children. Also we can go to car free day location by bicycle. Sometimes we can also ask for the children to help washing the car or watering the flowers in the garden.

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