EF #16 : Positive Values from Ande-Ande Lumut Story

Ande-Ande Lumut is my father’s favourite Indonesia tale. When I was a child, he usually told this story and sometimes sang Ande-ande Lumut song. The story was about a prince who was trying to find a wife. Then he held a contest to choose a woman who will be the queen.

Some women from several villages came including a mother with four daughter, Kleting Abang, Kleting Ijo, Kleting Biru and Kleting Kuning. Actually, Kleting Kuning was a stepchild. So, she treated differently by her stepmother. She often asked for to wash her stepsisters’ clothes and also another homework.

After they knew there will be a contest, Kleting Kuning’s stepsisters tried to beautify themselves and wearing nice dresses.

“I also wanted to participate in the contest”said Kleting Kuning.

“What? With ugly clothes like that, you do not worthy to participate in”said Kleting Abang.

To participate in the contest, from their home they had to walk and acrossed the river. When they arrived at the river, there was no boat to take across them. There was only one big crab called Yuyu Kangkang.

“I would take across you after you kissed me”said Yuyu Kangkang.

They accepted what Yuyu Kangkang wanted. One by one kissed him and they were taken across by Yuyu Kangkang.
Walking behind her stepmother and stepsister, Kleting Kuning also arrived at the river.

She met Yuyu Kangkang and also asked for to kiss him if she wanted to take across the river.

Kleting Kuning refused Yuyu Kangkang’s request. She walked around the river to find a canoe. Her effort succeeded. She hurried up paddled the canoe to take across the river.

Furthermore, they met with the prince. After looking at Kleting Abang, Kleting Biru and Kleting Ijo, the Prince decided not to choose one of them. He explained that they didn’t pass the contest because had kissed Yuyu Kangkang. As a matter of fact, Yuyu Kangkang was ordered by the prince to test women who will participate in the contest.

Finally, the Prince choosed Kleting Kuning to be his wife because of her effort and loyality not to justify the means of achieving the goal.

From this story, I learned some positive values.

First, effort. If I have a plan or desire, I strive earnestly to achieve it. There will be a way if I start to do. Like to do this assignment. Difficult at the beginning, but easier in the end.

Second, loyality. This attitude makes me not easily tempted by other things that have nothing to do with the goal that I want to achieve. Loyality is not only for our family, our wife or our husband, but also for our goal that we decide it.

10 pemikiran pada “EF #16 : Positive Values from Ande-Ande Lumut Story

  1. cahyanidwy

    Effort. loyality, diligence, honesty and believe to God are the keys to achieve a success life. Nice story with great advice 🙂

  2. in every folk story, there is always a positive value that we can take and spread to our children. Happy that you took this story and re-tell a us again…good to rembember..Thanks.

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