EF #17 Expectations of a Grandfather to His Grandchildren

First, I apologize for my being late to fulfill 17th English Friday assignment. Some offline jobs made me to prioritize my time, such as assisting guests and prepared monthly reports.

I believe that our parents prayer can help us become what we aspire. Parents not only our mother and father but also our grandfather and grandmother.

When I was child, my grandfather expected me to be an engineer, He also often said that my twin sisters would become a lawyer and a doctor.

Almost every time when accompanied three of us to play around, he often repeated that hope. To everyone who met him, he also told his hope.

After graduated from Senior High School, I choosed the faculty of forestry as a first choice admissions test selection. Alhamdulillah, I accepted in state college I wanted.

Likewise with my sister who applied the law faculty, she also passed from selection test and studied at the same college with me. The other sister also enrolled in the same college and choosed the veterinary faculty. Unexpectedly, she also accepted in the faculty she wanted. She choosed that faculty because she liked pets so much.

Currently, the three of us also worked not far from our educational background. I worked in the forest as a forestry engineer. My sister who graduated from law school continuing notary programme and worked as a notary in Batam. Another sister graduated as a veterinarian and work at agrotourism in Bogor.

Based on that story, I believe that our parents expectations is one of the important factors that can realize our ideals.

6 pemikiran pada “EF #17 Expectations of a Grandfather to His Grandchildren

  1. Indeed Pak Yudhi. Hou story is very same with the story from a parenting expert. She suggested us parents, even when we are angry, we should mention what we expect her to be instead of badmouthing in our anger. If our kid misbehaved for example, call her/his name and mentioned a good thing in the future that he / she can be.

    1. Great explanation, Mas Dani. So, there is a correlation between what the parents say with what will be happen to their children in the future.

      From this story we can learn that we must avoid say bad thing to our kids, even when we’re angry.

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