EF #19 My Handwritten Letters

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I never imagined this moment to send a letter so easy and fast. This morning, I just sent an email to a friend who was in Bogor. In a matter of seconds and a click, an email I sent from the middle of the forest has been up in the city of Bogor.

Twenty years ago, I still remembered when I sent letters and waited for the answer took about two weeks. At that time I was already working and had a serious relationship with someone who is now become my wife.

To send the news, I wrote it in the pages of letter paper. Inserted in an envelope, wrote the address on the front of the goal, sticking stamps and sent it through the post office last.

At that time, the houses in the town usually had a mailbox. The postman didn’t need to go to the home to give the letter. Simply, putting a letter in a box that is already available. Usually the mailbox will be filled by the greeting card during the holiday of Eid, Christmas or New Year. Mailbox not only contained letters, but also brochures, leaflets and even newspapers. Now, I rarely see mailbox like it because it has been replaced by email.

However, there is one thing that till now I miss from a letter written by hand and not replaceable by email. What is it? When receiving a letter from my loved one, somehow suddenly felt heart palpitations. Not enough to read it only once. I still keep some letters handwritten by my wife until now. Some my handwritten letters also kept by my wife.  Those handwritten letters are part of the memories of the past

Have you ever experienced a period like that ?

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