EF #20 Falling in Love in the Forest

Every year, some students from different universities come to my workplace to follow working practice. One group usually has 4 – 6 students. They will stay in the field for 2 months and join with some activities like timber cruising, road construction, harvesting, nursery, planting, research and development and community development.

Every activity has a coordinator who will organize them. How long they follow timber cruising and stay in the forest, prepare logistic during stay in the forest and determine who is the timber cruiser to accompany them. They will stay together  in the forest with eleven person in one big tent.

Not only working practice, some students also carry out a research. Company usually appoint one employee to accompany the student. They stay in a certain camp like production camp or forest establishment camp depends on their research.

He will help the student to find a right location, coordinating with the head of the camp, making some sample plots, collecting data and attending student presentation.

In this process, two person who never knows each other before getting closer and closer. Even, I have ever seen they walked in couples. They actually fallen in love.

I believe that God determine our marriage partner, but we have to try to find her/him wherever they are. Some female students who carried out a research or accompanied some foreigners as a translator, finally met their marriage partner not in the campus or in the city, but in the forest.

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