EF # 23 : Convenient and Safe Homecoming

“I had booked return tickets for Dea and Caca to Pontianak. They go home first because they will go to the school ”said my wife. This morning before I went to the office, we continued talking about our homecoming (mudik) plan to Jogjakarta.

I have booked one way tickets from Pontianak to Jogja for homecoming and my wife told me that she has booked return tickets, too. She was right. We better buy return tickets as early as possible, because the price usually more expensive if we buy suddenly.

Tickets is one important thing that we have to prepare when we plan to homecoming. Especially when we use public transportation like plane, train, ship or bus. We have to allocate special budget, because 50-60% homecoming cost used for transportation, both public or private transportation.

What else we have to prepare for homecoming? Make a list and schedule some interesting place to visit. I said to my wife to make a daily schedule. So, we can manage our time when we are in Jogja and Semarang.

For example, on the first day, we plan to go Taman Pintar, Malioboro, Benteng Vredeburg, Kraton and Pasar Beringharjo. Interesting places which we can see some historical objects and education tourism. Next, on the second day, we can schedule to see Gembira Loka Zoo and Dirgantara Museum.

We can also schedule some days to enjoy some culiner tour, especially local foods like Gudeg Bu Ahmad, SGPC Bu Wiryo, Soto Kadipiro and Angkringan Sego Kucing Lek Man. I’m sure, for some people who had lived and studied in Jogja know that places.

If we plan to homecoming, don’t forget to bring some souvenirs. My daughters often buy bracelets, necklaces and key chains in Malioboro for her friends.

Last, we also need to notify to the head of household and explain how long we will homecoming and who will stay at home.

So, prepare it and have a nice homecoming trip.

8 pemikiran pada “EF # 23 : Convenient and Safe Homecoming

  1. SGPC! It has been next to my faculty (animal husbandry) all the time but I only have gone there twice! I like the tamarind in its sauce and the traditional band. is the band still plays at SGPC?

    1. When I studied in Jogja in 1989, SGPC bu Wiryo located near faculty of agricultural technology and moved to klebengan some years later….. When I visited SGPC in 2010, the traditional band still there…

  2. Vita

    member EF banyak juga yg orang jogja ternyata 😀
    salam kenal. saya resmi punya tujuan mudik jogja sejak menikah 5 tahun yg lalu 😀 dan cukup akrab dg tempat2 yg disebut di post. btw selamat mudik semoga lancar

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