EF # 23 : Convenient and Safe Homecoming

“I had booked return tickets for Dea and Caca to Pontianak. They go home first because they will go to the school ”said my wife. This morning before I went to the office, we continued talking about our homecoming (mudik) plan to Jogjakarta.

I have booked one way tickets from Pontianak to Jogja for homecoming and my wife told me that she has booked return tickets, too. She was right. We better buy return tickets as early as possible, because the price usually more expensive if we buy suddenly.

Tickets is one important thing that we have to prepare when we plan to homecoming. Especially when we use public transportation like plane, train, ship or bus. We have to allocate special budget, because 50-60% homecoming cost used for transportation, both public or private transportation.

What else we have to prepare for homecoming? Make a list and schedule some interesting place to visit. I said to my wife to make a daily schedule. So, we can manage our time when we are in Jogja and Semarang.

For example, on the first day, we plan to go Taman Pintar, Malioboro, Benteng Vredeburg, Kraton and Pasar Beringharjo. Interesting places which we can see some historical objects and education tourism. Next, on the second day, we can schedule to see Gembira Loka Zoo and Dirgantara Museum.

We can also schedule some days to enjoy some culiner tour, especially local foods like Gudeg Bu Ahmad, SGPC Bu Wiryo, Soto Kadipiro and Angkringan Sego Kucing Lek Man. I’m sure, for some people who had lived and studied in Jogja know that places.

If we plan to homecoming, don’t forget to bring some souvenirs. My daughters often buy bracelets, necklaces and key chains in Malioboro for her friends.

Last, we also need to notify to the head of household and explain how long we will homecoming and who will stay at home.

So, prepare it and have a nice homecoming trip.

[BEC GIVE AWAY] I Will Make a Member Book

If I were an administrator of BEC, I ‘ll make a book of BEC members profile.
Why? Because each member can know more about each other. I am sure, many members of the BEC is pleased to have the book.
The book contains the profile of each member and also their impression after followed BEC.
I think, the book will be the best prize and useful for every member.

EF #20 Falling in Love in the Forest

Every year, some students from different universities come to my workplace to follow working practice. One group usually has 4 – 6 students. They will stay in the field for 2 months and join with some activities like timber cruising, road construction, harvesting, nursery, planting, research and development and community development.

Every activity has a coordinator who will organize them. How long they follow timber cruising and stay in the forest, prepare logistic during stay in the forest and determine who is the timber cruiser to accompany them. They will stay together  in the forest with eleven person in one big tent.

Not only working practice, some students also carry out a research. Company usually appoint one employee to accompany the student. They stay in a certain camp like production camp or forest establishment camp depends on their research.

He will help the student to find a right location, coordinating with the head of the camp, making some sample plots, collecting data and attending student presentation.

In this process, two person who never knows each other before getting closer and closer. Even, I have ever seen they walked in couples. They actually fallen in love.

I believe that God determine our marriage partner, but we have to try to find her/him wherever they are. Some female students who carried out a research or accompanied some foreigners as a translator, finally met their marriage partner not in the campus or in the city, but in the forest.

EF #11 Simple Uniform for Indoor and Outdoor


“Your uniform looks good. Where did you buy it?”asked my friend. He interested in my uniform when we met in the branch office two months ago. Usually, while waiting for the monthly meeting started, I came to his room and we were discussing about anything.

“I bought it from my friend in the camp. He designed this uniform by photoshop, ordered to the tailor in Java and asked for his friend to sell them in the office”I explained. I think it’s a good collaboration and a creative example to increase their income :-). He didn’t do it by himself but offered his friend to join that side job.

To provide employees’ uniform, he also determine what the material, the colour and the pattern of the clothes. Not many employees have special skills like him. Not only master in designing uniform, but also banners and posters.

As you look at the picture, I wear it while accompany the guests from Jakarta. This uniform not only suitable for indoor activity like attending the meeting but for outdoor activity, too. So, if the guests want to go to the field, I needn’t to change my clothes. What a simple uniform.

EF#9 Dreaming of Meet Up Accidentally

One of the blogging goals is to meet up with another blogger. But after 3 years blogging, I haven’t met up with others. I have only known another blogger by his/her posts and profil picture.

But, I have a dream. Someday, I want to meet up with another blogger not in a planned schedule or gathering program. But meet up accidentally. Is it possible?

I dream that someday I will meet mas Dani when I’m walking around in Bung Karno Sport Hall. Or maybe I will have meet Nita when I’m reading in one of book stores in Jakarta. Or perhaps when I’m waiting for the plane in the airport and then listen to someone talking about BEC with his/her friend.

I think it’s a big surprise and unforgettable moment if my dream comes true.

[EF#4 Challenge] Faster Growing Better

English Friday that fourth challenge is indeed not easy. Especially for the not unusual fancies. But that is like imagining I think not difficult case. Who knows later the story can be like Harry Potter, continued until a few episodes.

I’ve fantasized have a tool that can accelerate the growth of the tree until doubled. Ever see the big tree trunk, probably nearly one meter in diameter. You know how long diameter should be as big as that? It could be that it takes tens or even hundreds of years.

If one year plus 1 cm in diameter, meaning it took fifty years so that the tree reaches a diameter of 50 cm, can be cut down and the timber is used. Well, if we plant a tree at the age of 20 years, mean age of 70 years on we are only able to enjoy the results. The long time waiting.

If only I had a way that can make plus 2 cm in diameter in a year. The length of time it can be cut in half. Originally 50 years, 25 years enough. And that’s still a long wait for him. But rather had cut half rotation. Might be by injection with growth substances or hormones in the plant stem. Or by flushing on the ground close to the roots.

If a way to accelerate the growth of a plant or tree that can be doubled or more, certainly a lot of people who would like to plant a tree. Especially for those who have a vast land. Of course the results are very favorable.

Now the only people who need the wood raw material increase. But the lack of raw material supply. Finally, the price of wood increasingly expensive. No wonder that house prices rising every year too crazy. In addition because of soaring land prices, also of wood raw material that is increasingly hard to come by.

If a way to accelerate the growth of the tree can be accelerated, at least not while we still can hope to plant later can also see the tree when harvested.

One Word for 2015: REFLECTION

Since 1995, i have been working for 20 years in one company which is located in Central Kalimantan. It takes 9 hours from Pontianak by bus and continued 2 hours by car or mini bus. Although located in Central Kalimantan but it’s easier to go to the location from West Kalimantan.  If i start from Palangkaraya, it takes 15 hours to reach my base camp at km 35.

We usually mark every camp with kilometers (km) name, like km 35, km 54, km 72 and km 93. These kilometers are started from km 0 at Logpond. Do you know Logpond?  A place near the river that some logs from the forest  collected and will be transported by pontoon or raft to the factory.

Logs transportation depends on the river. When dry season, it’s difficult to send the logs to the factory because river water level decrease. For pontoon to load and bring sinker logs, water level needed is 3-3,5 meter. Floater logs can be rafted in 2 meter water level.

So, there is a joke in our occupation. Some employees in Logpond will pray, “God, please give us the rain, so we can continue working”. Also with my friends who work in nursery and plantation, rainy day is also needed to grow the seedlings.

Meanwhile, my friends who work as chainsaws or tractor operators hope it’s not rainy day. Because if it is rain, they can fell and skid the trees.

This story giving a reflection to me that i have to accept two conditions: wet and dry seasons. No matter with the seasons.

The most important thing is what should i do in each season? Just waiting the season that i want or do something in the season that i won’t….