EF # 23 : Convenient and Safe Homecoming

“I had booked return tickets for Dea and Caca to Pontianak. They go home first because they will go to the school ”said my wife. This morning before I went to the office, we continued talking about our homecoming (mudik) plan to Jogjakarta.

I have booked one way tickets from Pontianak to Jogja for homecoming and my wife told me that she has booked return tickets, too. She was right. We better buy return tickets as early as possible, because the price usually more expensive if we buy suddenly.

Tickets is one important thing that we have to prepare when we plan to homecoming. Especially when we use public transportation like plane, train, ship or bus. We have to allocate special budget, because 50-60% homecoming cost used for transportation, both public or private transportation.

What else we have to prepare for homecoming? Make a list and schedule some interesting place to visit. I said to my wife to make a daily schedule. So, we can manage our time when we are in Jogja and Semarang.

For example, on the first day, we plan to go Taman Pintar, Malioboro, Benteng Vredeburg, Kraton and Pasar Beringharjo. Interesting places which we can see some historical objects and education tourism. Next, on the second day, we can schedule to see Gembira Loka Zoo and Dirgantara Museum.

We can also schedule some days to enjoy some culiner tour, especially local foods like Gudeg Bu Ahmad, SGPC Bu Wiryo, Soto Kadipiro and Angkringan Sego Kucing Lek Man. I’m sure, for some people who had lived and studied in Jogja know that places.

If we plan to homecoming, don’t forget to bring some souvenirs. My daughters often buy bracelets, necklaces and key chains in Malioboro for her friends.

Last, we also need to notify to the head of household and explain how long we will homecoming and who will stay at home.

So, prepare it and have a nice homecoming trip.


[BEC GIVE AWAY] I Will Make a Member Book

If I were an administrator of BEC, I ‘ll make a book of BEC members profile.
Why? Because each member can know more about each other. I am sure, many members of the BEC is pleased to have the book.
The book contains the profile of each member and also their impression after followed BEC.
I think, the book will be the best prize and useful for every member.

EF #20 Falling in Love in the Forest

Every year, some students from different universities come to my workplace to follow working practice. One group usually has 4 – 6 students. They will stay in the field for 2 months and join with some activities like timber cruising, road construction, harvesting, nursery, planting, research and development and community development.

Every activity has a coordinator who will organize them. How long they follow timber cruising and stay in the forest, prepare logistic during stay in the forest and determine who is the timber cruiser to accompany them. They will stay together  in the forest with eleven person in one big tent.

Not only working practice, some students also carry out a research. Company usually appoint one employee to accompany the student. They stay in a certain camp like production camp or forest establishment camp depends on their research.

He will help the student to find a right location, coordinating with the head of the camp, making some sample plots, collecting data and attending student presentation.

In this process, two person who never knows each other before getting closer and closer. Even, I have ever seen they walked in couples. They actually fallen in love.

I believe that God determine our marriage partner, but we have to try to find her/him wherever they are. Some female students who carried out a research or accompanied some foreigners as a translator, finally met their marriage partner not in the campus or in the city, but in the forest.

EF #19 My Handwritten Letters

Amplop_ Surat-20120619-2242

I never imagined this moment to send a letter so easy and fast. This morning, I just sent an email to a friend who was in Bogor. In a matter of seconds and a click, an email I sent from the middle of the forest has been up in the city of Bogor.

Twenty years ago, I still remembered when I sent letters and waited for the answer took about two weeks. At that time I was already working and had a serious relationship with someone who is now become my wife.

To send the news, I wrote it in the pages of letter paper. Inserted in an envelope, wrote the address on the front of the goal, sticking stamps and sent it through the post office last.

At that time, the houses in the town usually had a mailbox. The postman didn’t need to go to the home to give the letter. Simply, putting a letter in a box that is already available. Usually the mailbox will be filled by the greeting card during the holiday of Eid, Christmas or New Year. Mailbox not only contained letters, but also brochures, leaflets and even newspapers. Now, I rarely see mailbox like it because it has been replaced by email.

However, there is one thing that till now I miss from a letter written by hand and not replaceable by email. What is it? When receiving a letter from my loved one, somehow suddenly felt heart palpitations. Not enough to read it only once. I still keep some letters handwritten by my wife until now. Some my handwritten letters also kept by my wife.  Those handwritten letters are part of the memories of the past

Have you ever experienced a period like that ?

EF 18# Between Kindness and Firmness

One complicated relationship is when we have to firm with a person who has given kindness to us. Sometimes we don’t have the heart to express what we feel because of his or her kindness before.

One example happened in my family. We’ve a good neighbour who often help us when we’re in trouble. One time, my wife looked there was a snake behind our house. She screamed and got out from the house. One man who was working at workshop in front of our house heared my wife’s sound. Then he went into the house and killed the snake. His father owned the workshop and our family has a good relationship with them.

Every Idul Fitri, we always come to their house and they treat us well. We often asked for stay longer and they provided breakfast with special food, like fried liver sauce, ketupat and chicken curry.

We also came to their house when we got sick, because one of that family is a massage theraphist. He would massage our legs with special oil and then we felt better. Our child also ever got a massage when his arm sprained. We respected him because each treatment was done, he never asked for wage. When we knew that he didn’t receive money for his massage therapist, then we decided to bring fruits or cakes to substitute his wage.

Our relationship changed when my wife complained because of the sound of a noisy workshop. When our children studied in the evening, they couldn’t focus on their subject because the workshop still active. My wife then sent SMS to the mother and explained that tomorrow the children would get examination. They disturbed with the noise came from the workshop.

Afterword, in the morning she came to our house and her family apologized for the noise from their workshop. My wife explained that she didn’t prohibit their family working but the working time should be limited.

Several days latter, the attitude of that family changed. The mother didn’t smile kindly again when she met my wife. When my wife met her in regular social gathering (arisan), she wouldn’t start to talk. My wife than asked for my suggestion to overcame this problem. I said,”Kept a good attitude with her and didn’t change”.

“Should I come to their son’s wedding?” asked my wife by phone
“Yes, you should come because they invited”I said
“What if they don’t accept us?”
“You keep calm and don’t be angry”I answered

In the wedding party, my wife accompaned by our second daughter then walked to the stage to greet the bride and their family.

It was not easy to act like that because I ever faced it before. My wife explained that after attended that party, walked to the stage and shaked their hands, she felt like escape from the heavy burden.

Thank you my dearest wife, you have passed from the life exam.

EF #16 : Positive Values from Ande-Ande Lumut Story

Ande-Ande Lumut is my father’s favourite Indonesia tale. When I was a child, he usually told this story and sometimes sang Ande-ande Lumut song. The story was about a prince who was trying to find a wife. Then he held a contest to choose a woman who will be the queen.

Some women from several villages came including a mother with four daughter, Kleting Abang, Kleting Ijo, Kleting Biru and Kleting Kuning. Actually, Kleting Kuning was a stepchild. So, she treated differently by her stepmother. She often asked for to wash her stepsisters’ clothes and also another homework.

After they knew there will be a contest, Kleting Kuning’s stepsisters tried to beautify themselves and wearing nice dresses.

“I also wanted to participate in the contest”said Kleting Kuning.

“What? With ugly clothes like that, you do not worthy to participate in”said Kleting Abang.

To participate in the contest, from their home they had to walk and acrossed the river. When they arrived at the river, there was no boat to take across them. There was only one big crab called Yuyu Kangkang.

“I would take across you after you kissed me”said Yuyu Kangkang.

They accepted what Yuyu Kangkang wanted. One by one kissed him and they were taken across by Yuyu Kangkang.
Walking behind her stepmother and stepsister, Kleting Kuning also arrived at the river.

She met Yuyu Kangkang and also asked for to kiss him if she wanted to take across the river.

Kleting Kuning refused Yuyu Kangkang’s request. She walked around the river to find a canoe. Her effort succeeded. She hurried up paddled the canoe to take across the river.

Furthermore, they met with the prince. After looking at Kleting Abang, Kleting Biru and Kleting Ijo, the Prince decided not to choose one of them. He explained that they didn’t pass the contest because had kissed Yuyu Kangkang. As a matter of fact, Yuyu Kangkang was ordered by the prince to test women who will participate in the contest.

Finally, the Prince choosed Kleting Kuning to be his wife because of her effort and loyality not to justify the means of achieving the goal.

From this story, I learned some positive values.

First, effort. If I have a plan or desire, I strive earnestly to achieve it. There will be a way if I start to do. Like to do this assignment. Difficult at the beginning, but easier in the end.

Second, loyality. This attitude makes me not easily tempted by other things that have nothing to do with the goal that I want to achieve. Loyality is not only for our family, our wife or our husband, but also for our goal that we decide it.

EF#15 Weekly Challenge : More Outdoor Activities When I was a Child

There were no online games, play station or handphone when I was a child. At that time, I used to play some outdoor games with my friends, like playing gobak sodor, playing marbles, playing kites and playing firecrackers and fireworks when fasting month.

I think some outdoor games have more benefits for us because they combine physical activities and some interpersonal skill. For example when I played gobak sodor, I had to have a good cooperation with my friends to restrict our opponent break through our team. Playing marbles required our foot to move and our hand to take aim the marbles that I wanted to. Besides that requirements, playing marbles also need our accuracy and precision skill to gain more marbles. Are the children still playing marbles now? I rarely see.

What about playing kites? What do you like most in this game? There were two stages I like most from this game. First, when my kites flew in the air and met another one. I couldn’t avoid it and had to fight. I had to decide at the right time whether I had to pull out the thread or extend it to win the game. I think it was the real game of playing kites. This game also gives us a philosophy value, decision making. Whatever our role, as an employee, an entrepreneur, a father, a mother, a manager or a blogger we are all the decision maker.

Second,  I was so impressed in this game when I had to compete with another boys to gain kite broke. At the first step, we looked at the kites that loss and tried to follow wherever it flew. We usually also carried pole to help get the kite. Our sight often to the sky and didn’t give enough attention in the road. So, sometimes we almost hit by passing vehicles on the road. Then driver angry and cursing us  🙂 .

I think this game, playing kite, now still played by the children. Especially when they live in rural, sub urban area or near the beach. It is difficult to find this game in the big city because there are no enough open area.