EF2# My Wildest Dream: Gathering Members of BEC

At first, I was confused about what to write about this topic “The wildest dream” which is determined by Blog English Club (BEC). After a short break from work in the office, Asr prayer, i can continue this idea to write in English Friday BEC.

I have a dream that one day we can meet or gathering. Time of day? Well, this is what needs to be discussed by  Mas Ryan, Mas Dani, Ms. Nita and also BEC other friends. Could be a year, two years or three years this dream can be realized.

Maybe a little hard to get-togethers with friends in BEC. Moreover, to meet and chat with qualified mentors mastery of English and are currently living abroad.

If BEC has 50 members and can meet somewhere, make meals agenda, there is an event fun games, social service to orphanages or nursing home, how beautiful. A moment will surely be memorable for all. What do you think?